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Aradia Consulting is a Texas-based company that has provided engineering management, software and training to the coiled tubing and wireline industries worldwide since 2005, with particular emphasis on job design and modeling. We use our own state-of-the-art software to model your wireline and coiled tubing well interventions. Entirely web based, you can access the models we run for you, and perform your own modeling, by subscribing to our Aradia and CoilData services. Contact us today for more information.

Paul Brown is the President and CEO of Aradia Consulting. He is also sole owner of CoilData LLC and majority owner (with business partner Brian Gunby) of Aradia Wireline LLC.

Paul was Senior Vice President and Partner of CTES, L.P. (now NOV-CTES) from 1994-2005. He was the creator and original architect of the Cerberus® software suite and Orion® data acquisition software. Before that, he spent twelve years in various international positions with Schlumberger, including as wireline field engineer, downhole tool designer, research scientist (multiphase fluid mechanics), project manager and coiled tubing specialist.

Paul holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in engineering from the University of Cambridge, England, specializing in fluid mechanics, aeronautics and acoustics. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and ICoTA, and has published numerous technical papers on the subject of coiled tubing and fluid mechanics.

CoilData is unique cloud-based software for coiled tubing operations, in particular fatigue modeling, tubing forces analysis and hydraulics modeling. Established in 2009 as the first web-based coiled tubing software, CoilData is used by service companies, suppliers and operators worldwide for managing their pipe and analyzing operational data, with over 650,000 plugs and 6,500 strings in its database.

Aradia Wireline is a cloud-based suite of software for planning and performing wireline operations. Launched in 2019, Aradia has enjoyed rapid growth as 25 service companies have embraced this single-source solution.

Aradia Consulting has offices in the US and Europe.
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